I took the time last night to read our never ending fb messenger thread. We discussed everything from relationships, to IVF, to social and political issues regarding Ferguson (near her residence). She sent me 2pac quotes and Michael Jordan quotes to keep Mj encouraged. When West’s 9th grade team got in the bus wreck that took Mr. Crabtree’s life we spoke. She teased me about moving to NM since it was freezing balls in Chicago when she flew in that weekend. I ordered special candle scents for her because she wanted to smell trees in her home for the holidays 😩. She never changed. Every time she saw my dad she had to let me know. Our last convo was April 29th when I wished her mom a happy birthday and congrats on the newest birth in their family. She had a lot of love to give. A very open and encouraging spirit. I was stomped at her illness. Tried to encourage her to stay strong and listen to her body. She fought long and hard. She continued to work and still managed to ask about my family. Kind and beautiful spirit. Solid friend since high school. Until we meet again... as she would say “love ya girl” ❤️❤️.

Sent by Natasha on 09/05/2019